Koonkie Cloud Services

What they're looking for

We are Delaware C corp - but are very interested in IRAP. We would like to do a detailed investigation with the help of tax advisors and lawyers on the best way to get involved with the IRAP program - we welcome advice and guidance on this.


  1. We have made great strides towards improving the front end of our platform, Phandi. It’s looking better and it has more features than ever.

  2. We are currently providing consulting services to generate income to run the business and bootstrap capabilities - we are getting busier and therefore learning a lot about customer pain points across a variety of industrial sectors.

  3. We are actively learning the business side. We are taking classes. Participating in UBCs incubator, Hatch, and the SFU invention to Innovation certification program.


Arian Hahn

Come visit! 

We are located in the Graham Lee Innovation Centre in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

6163 University Blvd

Vancouver, BC

V6T 1Z3

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