Pitches and Pitchers 2018

In late 2018, we hosted our second annual Pitches and Pitchers event at the Innovation Center at UBC Robson Square. The purpose of the event was to connect the vibrant UBC, Vancouver tech and startup community together, and allow for organic connections to form, and powerful conversations to be fuelled. The event showcased 16 entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC) and HATCH ventures under the spotlight (and on top of the soapbox!) enthusiastically delivering a 30-second pitch of their company to an equally enthusiastic audience.

“Pitches and Pitchers was started as a fun and interactive way to showcase to the rest of the startup community in Vancouver some of the coolest ventures coming out of the University of British Columbia. We love the high energy that the community and ventures bring together,” says Kari Lamotte, Director of Engagement at entrepreneurship@UBC.

The evening kicked-off with casual networking before our first founder took the stage, donned in a bright orange apron. Why? Aside from the fact that aprons are fun, their colour made it apparent for investors to spot founders and to facilitate easy connections. Each pitch was more than just a description of the venture, but it was also an opportunity for each venture to make a specific “ask” to the audience. The “ask” provided information on what each venture was looking for in order to move their company forward.

The packed room of over 50 industry leaders and investors listened attentively and after the official pitches, the audience had the chance to connect with each of the venture and dive deeper into the happenings of each venture. Mission accomplished.

If you’re an investor and/or industry professional interested in attending our next pitch event, be sure to mark May 8th in your calendar as that is when we will be hosting our annual Investor Day at UBC Robson Square. Want to get on the list? Get in touch with us at communications@entrepreneurship.ubc.ca  


Here’s the full list of ventures that pitched:


Aeriosense- Automation software that helps utilities and other infrastructure operators integrate drones into their inspection programs.

SiMBi- the only reading technology that motivates students to read by giving back to their global community. SiMBi increases reading fluency by 2x in 3 months and offers instant feedback while students read out loud.

FLÖKA- an intelligent platform that sits on top of all connected wellness apps and wearables, to add value to you as a whole person.

Carbonet nanotechnologies- a clean tech company that has developed a novel solution to safely and economically remove contaminants from water.

Koonkie Cloud Services- Shortening the path to discovery through taming big data.

DeepND- Helps retailers make better hires, faster with a platform that uses data intelligence and predictive algorithms to find and recruit the right people for the right jobs.

Mazdis- provides state of the art and cost effective bicycle parking and storage solutions which are easy to use, space efficient, and 100% secure resulting in major annual cost savings to cities, builders, and cyclists.

Embrace Orthopaedics- a platform technology to integrate joint support directly into athletic apparel, completely eliminating the need to wear orthopaedic braces.

Zennea- a medical device company developing what will be the first clinically proven and FDA cleared medical device treatment for chronic snoring.

CoMotion- is improving the efficacy of trauma and acute care surgery therapeutics by reformulating them using a proprietary drug delivery platform which increases their penetration into wounds.

Umbracity- an umbrella sharing network that allows on-demand access to umbrellas, offering a useful amenity to properties, and a unique and creative advertising platform: on umbrellas, on kiosks, and data.

Java Group Programs-  provides its proprietary peer mentoring programs to Senior Living organizations resulting in a 30% reduction in depression and providing significant additional benefits to staff, caregivers and family.

Cambridge Energy Partners-  makes clean energy more accessible and affordable for industry in remote regions.

ScopeSys-  has developed the world's first simple, general single-molecule science platform, providing scientists and engineers in diverse fields such as pharma, cosmetics, nanoscience, and cancer research with unprecedented control and insight.

Daanaa- has built an innovative wireless power system that fast-charges e-bikes and e-scooters in any weather condition in an intuitive, secure and safe way.

Orbitless-  has invented and patented the first new gearing solution that substantially reduces the noise caused by gears in electric gearmotors. The patented Orbitless technology is poised to become the new standard for low noise, high efficiency gearing in the growing multi-billion market for applications from eBikes to EVs, electric toothbrushes to dentist drills that need to get rid of gear whine.

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