Meet the Ventures

Have a peek at some of the great ventures we've worked with across our programs.

Interested in the HATCH Accelerator Ventures?

24/7 on-demand 3D printing.

UV-LED technology for water purification. 

Creating the next generation of medical cannabis.

Creating safer and smarter water.

Electronic micro gardens.

Treatment of sewage slug. 

Water purification process. 

Recycling chopsticks into products.

Prevent food waste by upcycling valuable spent brewers' grains.

An easy-to-use online fundraising platform.

Pinpointing crop stress at the earliest point.

Cameras with breakthrough self cleaning technology.

A community for phenomenal females.

Matching service for footwear.

Tele-Health monitoring system.

Delivering the promise of genetic medicine.

Providing proprietary peer mentoring to seniors.

Automated bicycle storage.

Automated social media for real estate agents.

Zero waste groceries.

Neupeak Robotics is feeding the future.

Revolutionlizing the way athletes train.

Development of biosensors.

Rugged unmanned machines.

Measure once. Cut once.

Addressing food waste through upcycling.

Smart intraoperative imaging for every operating room.

Designing a mitral valve repair device.

3D geological models. 

UAV (unmaned aerial vehicle) automation software. 

Eco-friendly concrete solutions.

Helping aid orthopaedic surgery.

Technology to support collaborative care. 

Investment in students.

Support for seniors aging at home. 

The future of clothing retail.

Vancouver’s cup share program.

Predictive retention for hourly employees.

Grow cannabis with precision.

Isolate and extend adult stem cells. 

Farm direct dry goods.

Precision perscription software.

Built for fee based advising.

Solutions that make cities smarter.

Extract metals of value from mineral ores.

Access meats from local farmers.

Personalized healthcare solutions.

New therapies for serious eye diseases that cause blindness.

Spatially aware devices.

Deploying and operating shared smart lockers.

An online platform to rent from your neighbours.

Men’s health, simplified.

Spocket is a top dropshipping supplier.

Trucking operations.

Umbrella sharing service.

Helping you help others.

Autonomous robots for light industrial use.

Three wheeled walking bike.

Revolutionizing virtual characters through motion composition.

Microfluidic 3D bioprinting.

A natural language processing company.

Crowdsourced sensemaking.

Developing new measuring techniques for cutaneous health.

Inventing the Rhythm Row.

Developing best-in-class nanomedicines.

Integrating medical and consumer wearable data

Wireless charging system.

Reliable source of quality construction workers.

A foodie’s network.

Automated solutions for rock mechanics challenges.

Pipeline leak detection.

Bringing enhanced reasoning powers to autonomous vehicles.

Shortening the path to discovery through taming big data.

Auditing the human microbiome.

An alternative to disposable, single-use coffee cups.

Accurate wearable particle sensor.

Roboethics consulting.

Advanced public consultation.

AI powered infrastructure inspection.

A blockchain based token aimed at revolutionizing volunteering.

Ultra-portable ultrasound.

Comprehensive brain health assessments fitness programs.

Joint pain technology.

Coffee leaf tea.

Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Discovery.

AI, Full-Stack & UI/UX Design Consulting.

Connecting university professors and graduate students.

Data driven analytics for a
lean resource industry.

Treatment of fibrosis and autoimmune disease.

Redeployable solar energy system.